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Facts and Figures

Here are some figures from the trip. The total mileage was 6724 covering 16 states. We visited 3 National Parks, stayed in 23 different hotels for a total of 44 nights.

We ended up doing a total of 40 rides for a total of 707 miles.

We rode anywhere from 2,500ft to over 11,000ft and from desert to high mountains.

Social distancing was fairly easy as most of the hotels were not very crowded and we were able to cook and grill at a lot of the properties. We only ate out a handful of times with outside dining options.

We had ideas of comet hunting this night but were foiled by the weather.

Saw a lot of interesting terrain along the way.

Had some hot but dry days in some places. This was the in the sun temperature. Air was probably 102.

And if you did not read my previous posts, my bike was stolen near Denver near the end of the trip. Time to reconstruct in a different color. Bring on the next trip!!

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