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French Polynesia

We spent 3 days in French Polynesia, 2 in Tahiti, and 1 in Moorea. We decided to take the ferry from Papeete where we were docked to Moorea since I had heard it was nicer there. After a quick 30-minute ride and we arrived where we picked up our reserved electric scooters. They had an 80km range and you could swap out batteries at several charging stations.

We headed to a beach to cool off since it was very hot and humid. And it rains quite often, just does not last long.

One of the many volcanic peaks in the area.

One of the beaches on Tahiti

View of our ship zoomed from about 3000ft above Papeete

Lush vegetation all along our hike up Aorai trail a diffacult hike through a dense rain forest.

More of the hike

On the second day in Moorea we rented electric-assist mountain bikes

There were some historical sites to explore.

One of the mountain bike trails we did through pineapple, banana, coconut, and other fruit groves.

Another beach in Papeete.

Beach on Moorea with the ship in the background

Sail away from Moorea, on to Hawaii


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