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Grand Targhee/ Driggs Idaho

We arrived here on Thursday and drove up to Targhee and did a small 10 mile loop. the Tetons are very impressive and the mountain biking is fantastic! The trails were all purposely built for mountain biking.

Still could see snow on the peaks but we did not run into any. We topped out around 9,000 ft on the mountain. We just did most of the cross country trails and did not take the lift service. In 2 days we hit most of the trails and headed to Horseshoe Canyon for our final ride day here.

Plenty of wildflowers around every turn. Saw some Pika which are like a small rabbit but scurry away quickly.

Temps were in the 70's up top and about 82 in town.

Nice sunsets every day from the porch of our Airbnb. Unfortunately, Erin will be flying back tomorrow from Idaho Falls and I will be on my own for the last piece of the trip. The next stop is Big Sky for a couple of days, then onto Sturgis.

Great views of the Tetons from the back side

More fun downhill!

Great free concert in Victor we found out from our Airbnb hosts. An Irish band that was really talented.


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