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South Boundary Bonanza

Today we left Santa Fe and drove 1.5 hours north to Taos which offers a lot of mountain biking. We choose the South Boundary trail which is an IMBA epic route. We chose to use a shuttle that dropped us off part way through at 10,000ft. We only had to climb about 400ft for the whole trail and then descended about 5 miles back to the car.

The views were spectacular!

I did a 5-mile bonus loop at the end which added a little more climbing and offered more views.

The South Boundary goes through aspens and meadows and then descends with rocky technical switchbacks back down the mountain.

I did this trail about 10 years ago and remember this stone bench well.

Went downtown to see Taos after the ride. It is a very cultural/arts area with a lot of galleries etc. With Covid we did not visit any but the area was very pleasant.

Looking forward to our friends joining us tomorrow for more Santa Fe fun.


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