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Arrived in Sturgis after traveling from Big Sky which was about a 7 hour drive. Finally saw a little rain on the way on there was a storm overnight. I was able to get a 15 mile ride in from my Airbnb which was mostly all singletrack that was sandy, flowy, with lots of cow pies to avoid. Today there is a local race series in town that I signed up for and there is a band after downtown.

Not the type of bikes you generally see in Sturgis. Apparently, they expect a million people for the motorcycle festival next month. The population of the whole state is only 700,000. The town itself is 3,600.

The smoke from a fire in Oregon affecting the view a little.

The trails are not very technical and there is a lot of climbing involved. Tomorrow headed to see Mt Rushmore and then a ride near there. Then on to Sioux Falls a layover on the way to Cuyuna/ Crosby.


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