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Whoops, forgot a stop, Duluth

So leaving Crosby and heading north less than 2 hours is Duluth on Lake Superior. Duluth is an IMBA gold center, meaning it has a lot of trails (see IMBAs website for list of all gold, silver, and bronze centers and the criteria for each). I hear there is a lot more if you head north as well.

I only stayed 1 night here but did 2 rides. One was at Mission Creek and the other here at Piedmont and Brewer. The views of the lake were great and the trails were mostly flowy with some added features.

There were some really chunky rocky trails too. I tried a red trail, Stone Age, and it was a handful.

Today I made my way back to EST and rode at Mohican State Park and did the IMBA Epic ride of 24 miles about 3,000 ft of climbing. They hold an annual 100-mile race here. I am not sure I could repeat this course 4 times. It seemed like I was going in circles just doing 24. Trails were kinda rooty but not technical.

Fun stuff at Duluth

Stone Age trail earned its name

Covered bridge at Mohican. Tomorrow on to Pittsburgh to visit with my daughter and grandkids will be the highlight of the trip for sure :)


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