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For our first ride in Fruita Co, we chose the Kokopelli area with many cool loop options. The trailhead was 20 minutes from the hotel and 10 minutes from Mark and Heidi's campsite. The weather was cooler at the start in the '70s and overcast. For the first couple hours, it was pleasant and then the sun appeared shooting the temperature into the '90s with no shade of course.

We did mostly blues with a few green and blacks mixed in. The trails were dry, sandy with loose on ledged rocks.

Very nice views of the Colorado River for a lot of the loops.

Mark had a tire slice but had 'bacon' to patch it so we took shelter behind a boulder.

We ended up with almost 25 miles with 2,000 ft of climbing. Overall a good day of riding. Tomorrow we are going to ride close to Grand Junction.


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