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Galena Lodge, Redfish, Stanley, and Greenhorn

Erin and I rode a warm-up ride at the Galena lodge which had some nice flowy trails

Still snow up there at 11,000ft

Redfish lake

This is a hot spring hot tub :)

The ride at Redfish was an out and back or should I say up and down over very rocky sandy terrain. The views were magnificent!

A little dryer here in sections.

This is a trail on the Greenhorn trail system. Very remote but I still saw 6 riders.

After a hard day with 2 rides, the hot springs felt pretty good!

Ran into a few sheep and then I heard the sheepdogs barking.

One of the fun trails at Galena.

The beach at Redfish. We decided to go to the hot springs for a little fewer people.


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