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Little gems on the way home

After leaving Duluth my next stop would be Madison WI for an overnight and then to Gary IN for another overnight before heading towards Ohio. This was today's ride at Imagination Glen, a park about 45 miles east of Chicago. There were 9 miles of really fun flowy singletrack near a stream.

This was yesterday on my way to Madison I stopped at Eau Claire and hit Lowes Creek park. Another really fun area to hit if you are passing by. It is literally right off the interstate. All very fun fast flowy trails, again about 9 miles.

A view of the muddy creek at Lowes Creek.

After riding at Imagination Park it was a short 8 min drive to Indiana Dunes National Park. I had never even heard of it before but well worth a visit if you are passing through. There is also a state park as well but they charge $7 entrance fee. Lake Michigan was a lot like Lake Erie with the sand dunes.

Sometimes it seemed like I was back in Pa without the technical aspect.

The trail was called rollercoaster. It certainly felt like I was on one!

Fun trails at Lowes! Tomorrow on to Mohican State Park in Ohio. Big drive and lose an hour going to EST.


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