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McKenzie River

I am a little behind on the blog as this is from Wed 6/30. Erin and I did the shuttle for the McKenzie River Trail one of the IMBA epic trails and it truly was epic. We ended up with 26 miles mostly downhill with only 1,000 ft of climbing. It was 72 and cool at the start and even at the end it was 82 as opposed to 102 in Bend.

This is Clear Lake which is very deep and cold about 40 degrees according to our shuttle driver. There is supposed to be an underground forest that never decayed. No swimmers here just kayakers.

One of the about 20 bridges we had to cross, most only had a hand rail on one side.

There were 2 waterfalls which were spectacular.

A little trail with the river view.

Some waterfall! We are in Boise now for 3 days and will post a later blog about it.

Bonus video


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