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Packing and Preparation

We are about to embark on an epic road trip across the US and back visiting mountain bike destinations and national parks along the way. It will consist of 44 nights in 23 different hotels in 15 states. I am a travel advisor and also offer guided mountain bike tours in the Michaux State Forest with Sacred Rides Michaux. My wife will be joining me and will be working out of the hotels for parts of the journey as she does have 4 weeks vacation to use. Friends will be joining us in Santa Fe for the middle of the tour. The plan is to use Costcos along the way for supplies to stay self-sufficient in the extended-stay properties. Follow along as we document this adventure starting June 20, first stop Harrisonburg, Va. #roadtrip#bonvoy#travelblog#mtbblog#Marriott#Costco#mountainbiking#mountainbiketravel#nationalparks


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